Welcome to the Institute of Process Imaging

We have recently inaugurated our world-wide unique vertical MRI system for the observation of process engineering systems. Take a closer look at the technical details and capabilities of this equipment located at the TUHH campus. The system was kindly supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the city of Hamburg.

We pioneer imaging techniques based on magnetic resonance that allow us to decipher the complex transport, thermal, and reaction processes occurring in chemical and bioprocess engineering. With our work, we contribute to provide affordable and clean energy and engineer sustainable production patterns of the 21st century.

Key publications

Temperature distribution in a gas-solid fixed bed probed by rapid magnetic resonance imaging

Serial, M. Raquel, Stefan Benders, Perrine Rotzetter, Daniel L. Brummerloh, Jens P. Metzger, Simon P. Gross, Jennifer Nussbaum, Christoph R. Müller, Klaas P. Pruessmann, and Alexander Penn. Chemical Engineering Science, 118457, (2023)

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Real-time probing of granular dynamics with magnetic resonance

Penn, A., Tsuji, T., Brunner, D.O., Boyce, C.M., Pruessmann, K.P., Müller, C.R. Science Advances 3(9), e1701879, (2017)

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Gravitational instabilities in binary granular materials

McLaren C., Kovar T.M., Penn A., C. R. Müller, Boyce C.M. PNAS 116 (19), (2019)

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A high-performance gradient insert for rapid and short-T2 imaging at full duty cycle

Weiger, M., Overweg, J., Rösler, M.B., Froidevaux, R., Hennel, F., Wilm, B.J., Penn, A., Sturzenegger, U., Schuth, W., Mathlener, M., Borgo, M., Börnert, P., Leussler, C., Luechinger, R., Dietrich, B.E., Reber, J., Brunner, D.O., Schmid, T., Vionnet, L., Pruessmann, K.P. Magn. Reson. Med. 79 (6), 1–11, (2017)

Regimes of jetting and bubbling in a fluidized bed studied using real-time magnetic resonance imaging

Penn A., Boyce C.M., Pruessmann K.P., Müller C.R. Chemical Engineering Journal, 383 (2020)

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Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fluidized Beds with Internals

Penn, A., Boyce, C. M., Conzelmann, N., Bezinge, G., Pruessmann, K. P., Müller, C. R. Chem. Eng. Sci. 198 (2019)

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Real-time magnetic resonance imaging of bubble behavior and particle velocity in fluidized beds

Penn, A., Boyce C.M., Kovar, T., Tsuji, T., Pruessmann K.P., Müller C.R, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 57, 29, 9674-9682, (2018)

Opportunities for students

Are you interested in graduating or doing a project in the process imaging group?

Join us and learn how to operate an MRI scanner, design and build your own MRI model system and become part of a thriving and internationally well connected research group.