Prof. Alexander Penn is the study coordinator of the International Master’s Program Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. Currently, we offer the following courses.

Module: Messtechnik für VT/BVT (1. Semester BSc VT und BVT)

WiSe, German | Modulbeschreibung: Link (intranet.tuhh.de)

Wenn Sie das Modul Messtechnik belegen wollen, melden Sie sich bitte im StudIP für die folgenden drei LVAs an. Dort finden Sie weitere Infos.

LehrveranstaltungDozentenECTSTermine (WiSe 21/22)StudIP Link
Messtechnik VOAlexander Penn2Freitags, 11:30Link
Physikalische Grundlagen der Messtechnik VOChristian Schröer2Freitags, 9:45Link
Laborpraktikum Messtechnik PRHannah Buchholz,
Alexander Penn
und Tutor*innen
2Mittwochs, 14:00Link

Module: Process Imaging

SoSe, English| Module Description: tba

Starting from the summer semester 2022, the Institute of Process Imaging will offer the elective master’s program module Process Imaging. The module covers various imaging methods that can be used to study processes relevant to chemical and bioprocess engineering applications. The module consists of a classical lecture complemented by a problem-based learning course that includes practical hands-on experience on imaging devices. The module will be held in English. More information will be provided announced here at the beginning of 2022.