Prof. Dr. Alexander Penn


Office: TUHH campus, building L, room 3010
Tel: +49 40 42878 3801

Curriculum Vitae

Born on January 17th of 1987 in Bozen, Italy, Alexander Penn studied Technical Physics at Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid during an Erasmus exchange semester. In 2013 he graduated and joined ETH Zurich for his doctoral studies. He received his PhD in early 2018 for his works in the field of time-efficient magnetic resonance imaging. Subsequently, he was a group leader at ETH Zurich and a visiting researcher at Columbia University, New York, and at Osaka University, Japan. In 2020 he joined Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) where he founded the Institute of Process Imaging. He is the local research coordinator for TUHH in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) and coordinated the International master’s program Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at TUHH. Since 2023 he is the dean of the school of study of Process Engineering.

Research area

The work of Alexander Penn and his group is dedicated to understanding the complex transport and reaction processes that occur within chemical and bioprocess engineering systems. To this end, the group develops process imaging techniques mostly based on magnetic resonance that can quantify flow, temperature and chemical reactions within reactors with high temporal and spatial resolution. The research mission is to contribute to making our energy system and industrial production more sustainable, energy- and resource-efficient, and carbon-neutral.


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