Exciting news! Our team’s latest publication in Powder Technology is out now! We investigate the impact of baffles on gas-solid fluidized beds‘ hydrodynamics using MRI

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Rennebaum, Hannah; Brummerloh, Daniel; Benders, Stefan; Penn, Alexander

Understanding and predicting the hydrodynamics of gas bubbles and particle-laden phase in fluidized beds is essential for the successful design and efficient operation of this type of reactor. In this work, we used real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to investigate the effect of three commonly-used baffle geometries on gas bubble behavior and particle motion in a fluidized bed model with an inner diameter of 190 mm. MRI time series of the local particle density and velocity were acquired and used to study the size, number, and shape of gas bubbles as well as the motion of the particle phase. The superficial gas velocity was varied between 1 and 2 Umf. We found that baffles decreased the average equivalent bubble diameter with a simultaneous increase in the total number of bubbles. Moreover, baffles promoted bubble splitting and the formation of air cushions below the baffles and decreased the average particle velocity and acceleration in the bed. For two of the three baffle types investigated, the spatial variation of the particle velocity became larger compared to the bed without internal.